Poker After Dark S12/E10: Trevor Pope Gets Quartered in Six-Figure Pot

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Trevor Pope

In the 4th weekof “Gamblers Delight”on PokerGO’s”Online poker After Dark, “the video game was$100/$200 no-limit hold ’em with a $200 large blind

ante. The minimal buy-in for the video game was$20,000. In the very first week, former Survivor participant Albert Destrade , Bryan Ercolano and WSOP arm band victor Trevor Pope made their Casino poker After Dark launchings, while in the 2nd week someone claimed “this is going to be a bad telephone call.” In the third week, Dan Shak got off to a warm begin, which you can review below.

Below is a check out five of either the most significant or most intriguing hands from today’s episode.

Below are exactly how points accumulated at the end of Episode 3:

Gamer Reward
Trevor Pope $106,200
Dan Shak $72,200
Bryan Ercolano $57,100
Jake Daniels $53,200
Lynne Ji $19,200
Albert Destrade $13,900

It Went Nit-Nit-Nit-Nit

Two flushes

Pope elevated to$500 from under pressure with the as well as Jake Daniels called alongside act with the. Shak came holding the in the cutoff as well as Destrade did the exact same with the in the small blind. Thea-Clubs flop paired two players’ace as well as offered the various other 2 gamers a flush draw. Action inspected to Shak as well as he bet$1,500, which all three of his opponents called. All four players then examined the turn as well as the finished the board on the river. Remarkably, activity examined around for the 2nd time and also Shak showed his four-high flush. It was no good though

as Destrade tabled the slightly larger flush to win the small$8,400 pot. “Wow, two flushes and also 2 top 2 couple with a queen kicker and it went nit-nit-nit-nit,” Daniels joked. Daniels Says”Uncle”

Trevor Pope vs. Jake Daniels Lynne Ji raised the 5-Diamonds button to $1,000 with the 10-Spades and Pope called from the tiny blind with the. Daniels then three-bet to$6,300 from the huge with the, Shak folded the straddle, as well as Ji finished. Pope, that is good friends with Daniels, decided to call and it was heads-up to the flop of

7-Spades”width =”25″height =” 15″ >. Pope check-called a bet of $3,700 as well as made a Broadway right when the appeared on the turn, which additionally coupled Daniels as well as put 3 spades on board. Daniels barreled$9,700 and Pope asked, “Exactly how huge is the river?” “Take a hunch,”Daniels responded. Pope wound up calling and the put four spades on the board. Pope checked his flush and Daniels merely claimed,”Uncle.” Pope had not been sure what that suggested, but once it was clarified that it implied Daniels was giving up with a check, he rolled over his hand to declare the$41,000 pot. Pope Obtains Quartered in Six-Figure Pot Trevor Pope vs. Jake Daniels After Daniels three-way straddled to $1,600, activity folded up around

to Pope, who had doubled straddled. He called the additional$800 with the only to have Daniels, who overlooked at the, increased to$6,000. Pope and Daniels bantered awhile before the previous three-bet jammed and also Daniels snap-called off for$ 50,400. The vibrant duo accepted run it twice, as well as Pope was wanting to obtain fortunate. The flop gave Pope a gutshot wheel draw, however he stopped working to arrive as the bricked the turn followed by the on the river. Daniels secured fifty percent of the $113,700 pot, but he would not obtain it q-Spades3-Diamonds all as the second runout came

Trevor Pope
for a cut. That suggested Daniels obtained three-quarters of the pot while Pope obtained a little refund.9-Clubs Daniels Goes Big with River Check-Raise Bluff Trevor Pope increased the button to$1,000 with the only to have Daniels three-bet to $3,000 with the 5-Diamonds in the 6-Hearts tiny blind. Pope called and also the flop boiled down. Daniels wager$2,300 as well as Pope called with leading set, which brought about the on the turn. Daniels bet again, this time around$4,300, as well as Pope phoned call to see the river. Daniels slowed down with a check and also Pope stopped briefly for a few beats before wagering $10,200 right into the pot of$20,000. Daniels instantly introduced a raising to $38,800 and also Pope struck the container. As they’re vulnerable to do, the two gamers talked back and forth, each attempting to obtain info without distributing too much. Several minutes passed prior to Pope folded the champion and also Daniels showed his pocket 8s before drawing in the$69,000 pot.”He bluffed me the other day, or he says he bluffed me yesterday, and also I didn’t assume he ‘d bluff again,”Pope said in a sideline meeting with Veronica Brill.”

I just didn’t think he ‘d bluff twice because very same situation.”Gamer Busts in Set-Over-Set Hand

Bryan Ercolano vs. Lynne Ji
Bryan Ercolano vs. Lynne Ji After Pope straddled as well as Daniels dual straddled, Ercolano flatted the button with the 8-Diamonds and Ji did the same from the small blind with the in the large blind. Pope called with the and Daniels inspected his choice holding the, which brought about a flop of 5-Heartsq-Diamonds. 3 checks saw Ercolano wager$2,500 as well as Ji, that had tumbled bottom set, called prior to both Pope and also Daniels folded. Action went check-check on the turn, as well as the surged on the river to provide Ercolano a better collection.

Ji relocated all in for her last $8,200 and also Ercolano snap-called.

“Sorry,” Ercolano used prior to being pressed the $24,900 pot.

“No fears,” Ji responded. “It takes place.”

That pot made Ercolano the large victor of the night, up $42,000.

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Tony Miles Might Win $100K Prop Bet on Monday’s Episode of American Ninja Warrior

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Tony Miles American Ninja Warrior

On Monday evening at 9 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. CT, 2018 World Collection of Casino Poker(WSOP)Main Event runner-up Tony Miles will show up on the brand-new episode of American Ninja Warrior on NBC. If all goes well and also he can finish the physically-challenging”Qualifying Program,”he stands to win$100,000

in his long-standing prop bet with Shaun Deeb. Back in 2019, Miles was traveling the globe playing casino poker, and also while in Scotland to grind WCOOP, he shared an Airbnb with Deeb. As Miles explained it, eventually at lunch, Deeb asked him concerning his following goal. Miles nonchalantly stated his love of American Ninja Warrior, and also as points so usually do in between online poker gamers, a bet was born.

Listen to Miles on the most up to date episode of the PokerNews Podcast below.

“For our bet, the probabilities started at 25-to-1 as well as will decrease annual over the three-year duration to 20-to-1 as well as 15-to-1 respectively,” Miles previously informed PokerNews. “Getting the telephone call is a very exciting component of the procedure. You have to recognize that a great deal of individuals, around 100,000 I’ve heard, apply to be on Ninja Warrior so it is thought about a severe honor to be picked to actually contend on the show.”

In 2019, Miles stopped working at his initial effort– extra on how as well as why below– to make sure that indicates this go around he stands to win $100,000 on his $5,000 wager.

Shaun Deeb tweet

Obstacle # 1– Coming back on the Program When initially getting the program, Miles thought the combination of the prop wager backstory and the reality he was coming off a runner-up finish to John Cynn generally Occasion may improve his opportunities.

“The program is extremely discerning, however after finishing runner-up in the Main Occasion, I thought I might have a good shot of jumping on, getting a possibility to run,” claimed Miles. While he did get on, getting a second chance was far from a forgone final thought.

He actually had to go with the application process once more and simply hope they would certainly bring him back. In March 2020, he obtained the phone call and was set up to compete in the Season 12 stop in Washington D.C. on April 11-12. He prepared, yet fate had other plans when COVID-19 closed down the world.

Tony Miles
Tony Miles is pumped up! Barrier # 2– Pandemic Hold-ups Manufacturing Like the remainder of the world, Miles was excluded in the dark regarding what was going

to happen with little choice however to wait and also see. “The program was held off,” he explained.”I think everyone was in the exact same scenario where we actually didn’t recognize what was mosting likely to take place. It was unfortunate for me as 2020 was possibly the year where I had actually spent the most time into my training. I remained in excellent shape. Technically I was extremely sound on a lot of the barriers and the activities and also physics I need for the program. I was really excited to compete, so when COVID struck and also they postponed it, I was dissatisfied and really did not know whether the show was going to happen or not.”

While he waited, Miles stayed on par with his training, though that as well would certainly quickly be hindered.

Challenge # 3– Terrible Injury

On April 20, 2020, Miles was involved in a bad motorize car accident in which he disjointed his clavicle as well as tore every ligament in his A/C joint. He needed to have total rebuilding shoulder surgical procedure complied with by a three-month recovery duration.

Miles' severe shoulder injury.
Miles ‘severe shoulder injury. Miles, that at the time couldn’t also reach up for a cup in the cupboard, was told by doctors that he was not mosting likely to be able to contend on the program as intended which he should not be doing any type of sort of exhausting exercise for probably about the following year approximately.

“That has to do with the timeframe they gave me in April, which is usually when the show records,” he said. “I really did not even know if I was going to have the ability to make it back. I didn’t know what was going to occur.”

While the injury was devastating, Miles placed his nose to the grindstone as well as devoted himself to his healing.

“The most effective part of the injury was my attitude. I’ve been via many points in my profession and also in my personal life that I have actually needed to stand firm with. Quickly right after the injury, rather of residence on the misfortune of being included in that, I looked to the positive. This is going to be an additional possibility to verify myself, this is mosting likely to be a chance to obtain more powerful, this is mosting likely to be a possibility to reveal the world that you can recover from anything. That mind over matter is one of the most essential element of being successful.”

He continued: “I’m developed a bit different than the majority of people. I relish the chance to prove myself. When somebody claims you can’t do something, or when those doctors were telling me it was mosting likely to be a year prior to I can begin training once more, I was believing in my head, ‘Alright, so you indicate six months. So, in 8 months I’ll be back in the course.'”

Obstacle # 4– Learning from His Blunders

By the end of 2020, American Ninja Warrior was slated to resume manufacturing, as well as applications scheduled in December. At the time, Miles was simply eight months post-op and having a hard time to do a solitary pull-up, decided to apply. Lo as well as see, he was accepted.

With restored vitality, Miles educated tougher than ever while addressing what failed the first walk around.

“The program rotates in between different obstacles including ones rooted in rock climbing– think hanging, swinging, and also tossing your body from one area to another– and also others focused on balance,” Miles described.

“The first time I competed there was a barrier called ‘Spinning Blocks.’ It’s 6 square blocks that get on bearings with a pole through the facility of them. They’re cocked at different angles, they’re various dimensions, as well as you need to encounter the top of six of them while they spin. You have to remain right over the center of the axis, or else they’ll rotate out. You have to hit the box in the. If you’re an inch off left or right, you’re going down … On the 2nd or 3rd box, I was a little outside the facility of the axis.”

Miles managed to stumble ahead across a couple more blocks, even making it completely to the last one, but ultimately dilated as well as took a dunk into the pool of water below.

“It was a great discovering experience. I took that lesson and incorporated a lot of balance training right into my program. I have actually boosted exponentially in that element. It was just an amazing experience.”

Tony Miles' supporters.

Tony Miles ‘advocates. Challenge # 5– Getting the Work Done? While Miles recognizes the result of his 2nd run, the remainder of the globe will certainly require to wait till Monday night. While he’s bound by an NDA from disclosing way too many details, Miles did say that win or shed, he’s keen to compete once more.

“I am certainly open up to completing once more,” he said. “It’s been such an impressive experience entering this area. It’s a lot different than the poker community, it actually is like absolutely nothing I have actually ever been a part of in the past. You see these ninjas, they’re all helpful of each various other. Although they’re contending against each various other, they’re assisting each other, they’re aiding each other, they’re coaching each other on the sidelines.”

If Miles fails, he still has a 3rd and also last shot in his prop wager versus Deeb. If he wins, he’ll accumulate a huge payday, but that wouldn’t be the end of his ANW tale.

“I plan on proceeding my training whether this wager is real-time or otherwise,” he revealed.

Furthermore, if he succeeds, Miles would advance to the next phase of the program. Of the roughly 100-120 ninjas that run the Qualifying Program, the leading 30 can get the semi-finals. To do so, they either have to complete the six-obstacle program or get the farthest in the fastest amount of time. In the semi-finals, things get even harder as it ends up being a 10-stage challenge training course.

Whether Miles gets there remains to be seen– a minimum of for one more day!

For extra on Miles, check out his video clip interview with PokerNews right here:


Moreno & Vaughan Among 2021 Venetian DeepStack Championship Champions

Bonus harian di Keluaran HK 2020 – 2021.

Andrew Moreno & Matthew Vaughan

Given that the start of May, Venetian Las Vega has actually played host to the DeepStack Champion Casino Poker Collection, which will certainly run through August

1 as well as offer more than$ 15 million in guaranteed reward pools. Thus far via 62 events, which is the halfway point the 121-event series, virtually 18,000 entrants have taken part and also nearly$14 million

in prize money has actually been awarded. Among the highlights so far were Opportunity Kornuth and also Harlen Miller winning mid-six-figure rewards in a set of MSPT Main Events; Sean Perry, Shawn Daniels, as well as Ali Imsirovic winning high roller titles, and also side occasion wins by David Brookshire, Jordan Cristos, and also Dylan Wilkerson, just to name a few.

Click on this link to watch the entire Venetian DeepStack Champion timetable

Moreno Claims Success in Event # 58 for $128K

Andrew Moreno
Andrew Moreno On June 15, Occasion # 58: $1,100 No-Limit Hold ’em more than doubled its$300K GTD by drawing in 637 entries, which caused a$611,520 prize swimming pool. The leading 72 finishers got a piece of it consisting of Ralph Massey (52nd – $2,262), Aaron Massey(50th-$2,263), Nick Pupillo (33rd – $2,691), Dylan Wilkerson (17th – $5,198), Nadya Magnus (9th – $10,702), Katie Lindsay (4th – $43,418), as well as Ilyas Muradi (3rd – $59,440).

In the long run, it was Andrew Moreno, the partner of former PokerNews person hosting Kristy Arnett as well as a soon-to-be-father, who emerged successful to record a $127,740 first-place reward.

The win brought Moreno’s life time competition incomes up over $1 million according to The Hendon Mob. It also begins the heels of 2 deep MSPT runs by Moreno, that days earlier completed 22nd out of 2,011 entrances in the MSPT Venetian $1,600 Main Event for $18,627, and the month before that placed seventh in the MSPT Sycuan Casino $1,100 Centerpiece for $20,281.

Event # 58: $1,100 NLH Final Table Outcomes

Place Player Reward
1 Andrew Moreno $ 127,740
2 Michael Rossitto $ 84,969
3 Ilyas Muradi $ 59,440
4 Kathryn Lindsay $ 43,418
5 Stephen Foutty $ 32,166
6 Sebastien Grax $ 24,033
7 Demosthenes Kiriopoulos $ 18,223
8 Mukul Pahuja $ 13,882
9 Nadya Magnus $ 10,702

Vaughan Bags $1,100 NLH Title of His Own

Matthew Vaughan
Matthew Vaughan On June 13, Event # 56: $1,100 No-Limit Hold ’em attracted 330 runners, which greater than increased the $150K assurance by creating a$320,100

reward swimming pool reserved for the leading 36 finishers. Among those to obtain an item of the pie were Adam Demersseman (36th – $2,241), Kristy Moreno (28th – $2,241), Matthew Wantman (16th – $3,681), Boulos Estafanous (8th – $8,323), and Joseph Henry (3rd – $40,040).

The title came down to casino poker vlogger Matt Vaughan and also Florida’s Austin Srur, with the former ultimately triumphing of the heads-up match to declare the title and also $57,758 first-place reward.

Event # 56: $1,100 NLH Final Table Results

Area Player Reward
1 Matthew Vaughan $ 57,758
2 Austin Srur $ 48,333
3 Joseph Henry $ 40,040
4 Bradley Ritschel $ 32,481
5 Barrett Feighner $ 17,606
6 Michael McFall $ 13,444
7 Patrick Hendershott $ 10,563
8 Boulos Estafanous $ 8,323
9 Yong Han $ 6,562

DeepStack Championship Poker Collection Champions

DeepStack Championship Poker Series

DeepStack Champion Texas Hold’em Series Below’s a check out all those that’ve recorded title thus far:

Date Tournament Entrances Prize Pool Victor Home town Reward
5/3/21 Occasion 1: $500 NLH Survivor 68 $29,580 7 champions N/A $4,300
5/3/21 Event 2: $200 NLH Bounty 87 $13,920 Oscar Tobar San Francisco, CA $2,379
5/4/21 Event 3: $500 NLH Survivor 50 $21,750 6 champions N/A $4,300
5/4/21 Occasion 4: $200 NLH Bounty 87 $13,290 Kilo Krahn Sandy, Utah $2,678
5/5/21 Occasion 5: $400 NLH Beast Heap 122 $40,870 Virab Zakaryan Las Las Vega, NV $10,252
5/5/21 Event # 6: $200 NLH Survivor 96 $15,360 9 winners N/A $1,600
5/8/21 Occasion # 7: $400 NLH $50K GTD 690 $229,770 Austin Roberts Monterery, The golden state $35,552
5/6/21 Event # 8: $200 NLH Survivor 85 $13,600 8 Champions N/A $1,600
5/9/21 Occasion # 9: $300 NLH Freeze Out 135 $33,075 Kennii Nguyen Las Vegas, NV $6,786
5/11/21 Occasion # 10: $400 NLH 543 $180,819 Ricardo Eyzaguirre Las Vegas, NV $29,277
5/10/21 Occasion # 11: $200 NLH Survivor 89 $14,240 11 champions N/A $1,295
5/12/21 Event # 12: $400 NLH 204 $68,340 Christopher Marshall Las Vegas, NV $11,810
5/16/21 Occasion # 13: $600 NLH 832 $421,824 Matthew Wantman Stoneham, MA $70,000
5/13/21 Occasion # 14: $200 NLH Survivor 96 $15,360 9 champions N/A $1,600
5/16/21 Occasion # 15: $300 NLH 171 $41,895 Leo Creger Mililani, Hey There $6,686
5/20/21 Occasion # 16: $400 NLH 739 $243,870 Dylan Wilkerson Las Vegas, NV $48,270
5/17/21 Event # 17: $200 NLH Survivor 91 $14,560 9 champions N/A $1,600
5/20/21 Event # 18: $400 NLH 230 $77,050 Mehdi Saleh Tempe, AZ $12,647
5/22/21 Occasion # 19: $600 NLH 646 $326,230 Jordan Cristos Las Vegas, NV $57,088
5/23/21 Event # 20: $400 NLH 186 $62,310 Oleksandr Symonenko Ukraine $16,514
5/26/21 Event # 21: $400 NLH MonsterStack 549 $182,817 Ross Ward Charleston, SC $31,073
5/24/21 Event # 22: $200 NLH Survivor 110 $17,600 11 winners N/A $1,600
5/26/21 Event # 23: $400 NLH MonsterStack 186 $62,310 Justin Mevs Seattle, WA $8,485
5/29/21 Event # 24: $600 NLH 867 $437,835 Tuan Mai San Jose, CA $75,000
5/27/21 Event # 25: $10,000 High Roller 77 $770,000 Ali Imsirovic Vancouver, WA $200,200
5/27/21 Occasion # 26: $400 Limit Omaha 8/B 92 $31,280 Khamar Xaythavone West Valley, UT $9,383
5/27/21 Event # 27: $300 NLH Bounty 89 $22,250 Alan Sugano Rancho Pals Verdes, CA $3,573
5/28/21 Event # 28: $10,000 High-stakes gambler 65 $650,000 Shawn Daniels Henderson, NV $175,500
5/28/21 Occasion # 29: $400 PLO 69 $23,460 Nohad Teliani Canada $8,211
5/28/21 Occasion # 30: $300 NLH Bounty 85 $21,250 Andrew Meyer Manhattan, KS $4,058
5/29/21 Occasion # 31: $25,000 High Roller 43 $1,075,000 Sean Perry Las Vegas, NV $365,500
5/30/21 Event # 32: $500 PLO 8/B 142 $60,634 David Brookshire Chatsworth, CA $16,977
5/29/21 Occasion # 33: $300 NLH Bounty 96 $24,000 Kason Bradley Rose city, OR $4,319
5/30/21 Event # 34: $600 NLH 177 $90,270 Lawrence Engerman Las Las Vega, NV $21,135
5/31/21 Occasion # 35: $400 NLH 351 $117,585 Bejnamin Garrick Gold Coastline, OR $22,745
5/31/21 Event # 36: $200 NLH Survivor 183 $29,280 18 champions N/A $1,600
Event # 37: Mega Satty
6/1/21 Occasion # 38: $600 NLH 307 $156,570 Santiago Plante Canada $36,008
6/1/21 Event # 39: $300 NLH Survivor 163 $40,740 16 winners N/A $2,500
Event # 40: Huge Satty
6/5/21 Occasion # 41: $1,100 MSPT 2,790 $2,692,350 Harlen Miller Mandan, ND $367,801
6/2/21 Event # 42: $300 NLH Survivor 154 $38,500 14 victors N/A $2,500
6/3/21 Occasion # 43: $300 NLH Survivor 155 $38,750 16 champions N/A $2,500
6/6/21 Occasion # 44: $1,100 NLH 358 $347,260 Bronson Moses Georgetown, TX $79,867
6/8/21 Occasion # 45: $1,100 NLH 676 $648,960 Michael Newman Nanuet, NY $120,000
6/7/21 Occasion # 46: $600 Large O 162 $83,106 Robert Slagle Sherman, TX $22,026
6/7/21 Occasion # 47: $300 NLH Survivor 177 $44,250 17 champions N/A $2,500
6/8/21 Occasion # 48: $300 NLH Survivor 159 $39,750 16 winners N/A $2,500
Occasion # 49: Mega Satty
6/9/21 Event # 50: $600 NLH 277 $141,270 Ye Ping Shan Canada $20,511
6/9/21 Occasion # 51: $400 NLH Survivor 138 $47,196 14 champions N/A $3,400
Occasion # 52: Mega Satty
6/12/21 Event # 53: $1,600 MSPT 2,011 $2,865,675 Chance Kornuth Las Las Vega, NV $412,086
6/10/21 Occasion # 54: $400 NLH Survivor 149 $50,958 14 champions N/A $3,400
6/11/21 Event # 55: $400 NLH Survivor 164 $56,088 16 N/A $3,400
6/13/21 Event # 56: $1,100 NLH 330 $320,100 Matt Vaughan Las Las Vega, NV $57,758
6/13/21 Occasion # 57: $300 NLH Survivor 104 $26,000 10 Winners N/A $2,500
6/15/21 Occasion # 58: $1,100 NLH 637 $611,520 Andrew Moreno San Diego, CA $127,740
6/14/21 Event # 59: $300 NLH Survivor 129 $32,250 12 Victors N/A $2,500
6/15/21 Event # 60: $300 NLH Bounty 134 $33,500 Ronald West Los Angeles, CA $4,912
6/16/21 Event # 61: $600 NLH 258 $131,580 Darius Studdard Medford, NY $32,299
6/16/21 Event # 62: $300 NLH Bounty 101 $25,250 Marinko Milicevic Baraboo, WI $4,545

A lots of action is left in the DeepStack Championship Poker Series as WPT and also
WPTDeepStacks are still to find in July. The $5,000 buy-in NLH $3 million assurance will certainly range from July 2-7, and will certainly be followed by the $2,400 buy-in NLH $2 million assurance from July 9-13.

* Photos courtesy of Venetian.


PokerNews Week in Testimonial: WSOP 2021 Schedule & Poker Drama

Dapatkan promo member baru Pengeluaran SDY 2020 – 2021.

On the most recent unique episode of the PokerNews Podcast, Sarah Herring, Jeff Platt, and also Chad Holloway failure the recently-revealed 2021 World Series of Poker(WSOP )timetable. They discuss some of the biggest changes and enhancements, emphasize premier occasions, as well as obtain thrilled about Doyle Brunson stating he might play pick tournaments.

They after that wrap up the United States Online poker Open, which was won by David Peters for the second year straight, complete with sideline interviews with Peters and Jordan Cristos. Jeff additionally break downs his peculiar “Sports Cards” meeting with Jared Bleznick.

Various other stories covered are Possibility Kornuth winning the MSPT Venetian, Armando Mesina taking down the RGPS Jamul Gambling Enterprise, and the special 1 year wedding anniversary edition of the GGPoker Super Million$. Toss in a set of “juicy dramatization” stories in WPT champ Dennis Blieden obtaining sentenced for his embezzlement criminal activities as well as an intriguing ACR live-stream creating conflict, and it’s an episode not to be missed out on.

Lastly, they invite visitor Tony Miles, who finished runner-up in the 2018 WSOP. Miles remains in a well-publicized prop wager with Shaun Deeb where he’s wager $5,000 at 20:1 that he can complete a course on American Ninja Warrior. He’ll obtain his shot as he’ll appear on the following episode on Monday, June 21 at 9 p.m. ET/ p.m. CT. Get all the details on what to expect in this episode.

Large many thanks to the special sponsor this week in Elite Chip Care.

[TimeStamps] 01:00|Tony Miles first prop wager

3:45|Elite Chip Care

4:15|WSOP Arrange Released:

13:25 I Doyle may terminate:

16:30|David Peters wins back to back US Online poker Opens:

17:30|David Peters Interview

19:55|Jordan Cristos Meeting

21:45|Jeff does bizarre meeting with Bleznick:

29:40|Sean Wintertime wins Key:

33:45|Tony Miles Joins the Podcast

51:50 I Chance Kornuth wins MSPT Venetian:

54:30|GG Super Many Millions Title for Dvoress:

43:30|RunGood Returns, Armando Mesina wins Key:

56:45|”judd trump” wins large GG Super Many millions:

01:00:00|Streaming Drama involving Phil Naggy of ACR and also outrage at Vanessa Kade

01:08:10|Dennis Blieden Punishing:

01:21:30|Sarah’s infant bump

01:21:33|Run it When

Sean Winter Months Defeats Stephen Chidwick to Win USPO Event # 12: $50K NLHE ($756,000)

Promo menarik pada undian Data HK 2020 – 2021.

Sean Winter

Sean Winter season notched the biggest single prize in the 2021 UNITED STATE Online Poker Open Up(USPO )after beating a star-studded field of 42 access to win the USPO Occasion # 12: $50,000 No-Limit Hold ’em at the PokerGO Studio at the ARIA Resort & Gambling Enterprise for$756,000. Winter months was near the top of the chip counts throughout the final table which he started with the chip lead as well as got rid of an impressive final 2 gamers in StephenChidwick and also Jason Koon en path to the title. This was the second big PokerGO Scenic tour title this year for Winter months as back in March, he came out on top of an area of 48 entrances in the PokerGO High Roller Event # 4: $25,000 No-Limit Hold ’em for $408,000.

USPO Occasion # 12: $50,000 No-Limit Hold ’em Last Table Results

Location Name Country Prize
1 Sean Winter United States $756,000
2 Stephen Chidwick UK $504,000
3 Jason Koon United States $336,000
4 Jonathan Little United States $231,000
5 Sam Soverel USA $168,000
6 Costs Klein USA $105,000

Last Table Activity

While Wintertime started the last table with the chip lead, all eyes got on the short-stacked Sam Soverel early in the action as he was the only player that could potentially uncrown David Peters as the U.S. Casino Poker Open Champ.

Odds protested Soverel as he required a straight-out victory to win the Golden Eagle trophy and they came to be also slimmer after he was entrusted simply a handful of big blinds after increasing up Koon.

The dramatization finished quickly sufficient. Soverel had the ability to ladder up after Winter months removed Bill Klein(sixth- $105,000)before hitting the rail in 5th area for$168,000 when his ace-three didn’t hold against Chidwick’s queen-eight. History was made with safeguarding U.S. Casino poker Open champion Peters secured the 2021 title therefore ending up being the initial two-time champion.

Chidwick was back at it once again in a huge hand versus Jonathan Little to offer him more than half the chips in have fun with three gamers left. Little called a raise preflop with ten-eight suited before he check-jammed an eight-high flop. Chidwick called with king-eight as well as Little hit the rail in fourth place for $231,000 with his kicker troubles not being fixed on neither the turn nor the river.

Winter chipped up during three-handed play as well as had a tiny chip benefit during heads-up play after his cowboys held versus ace-queen to eliminate Koon (third – $336,000).

Stacks were close to even when the last hand started with Chidwick opening the switch with queen-four and Wintertime safeguarding his big blind with ten-six fit. Winter months check-called a wager after improving to a set on the jack-six-deuce flop. A queen on the turn provided Chidwick top set and also Wintertime check-called a bigger bet on the turn. Wintertime inspected once more after boosting to two couple with a ten increasing the river. Chidwick obstructed as well as chose the runner-up prize of $504,000 after Wintertime snap-called.

David Peters Wins 2021 U.S. Texas Hold’em Open Championship

David Peters
David Peters wins the 2021 USPO Leaderboard Defending UNITED STATE Texas hold’em champion David Peters has actually done it again by additionally winning the title in 2021. The event began slowly for Peters yet he stormed ahead as well as won 3 occasions in the 2nd half of the timetable to win the desirable Golden Eagle trophy, a $50,000 prize money, and, obviously, the honor of becoming the first two-time UNITED STATE Casino poker Open champion.

Ranking Player Factors Wins Cashes Revenues
1 David Peters 646 3 4 $832,950
2 Sean Winter months 484 1 2 $785,700
3 Ali Imsirovic 483 1 5 $482,000
4 Stephen Chidwick 427 0 3 $628,700
5 Dan Shak 371 0 4 $459,750
6 Jake Daniels 323 1 2 $391,000
7 Sam Soverel 316 1 4 $382,300
8 Andrew Lichtenberger 308 0 3 $308,000
9 Joe McKeehen 302 1 2 $302,200
10 Steve Zolotow 289 0 3 $289,000

Bear in mind, a yearly registration to PokerGO prices $99.99, however you can conserve $20 off by utilizing promo code “USPO21” at checkout. Subscribe by going right here.

2021 U.S. Casino Poker Open Outcomes

The 2021 UNITED STATE Poker Open granted greater than $11 million in reward swimming pools across a dozen occasions. Peters was the only player to win multiple titles by impressively winning 3 events on his method to back-to-back USPO championships.

Other big names also had their day in the sun after winning large occasions consisting of Jake Daniels, Joe McKeehen, John Riordan, Joey Weissman,

Jared Bleznick, Ali Imsirovic, and Sean Winter. Occasion Access Reward Swimming pool Victor Nation Reward Event # 1

:$10,000 No-Limit Hold ’em 95$950,000 Jake Daniels United States$218,500 Event # 2: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 65 $650,000 Sam Soverel United States $175,000 Occasion # 3: $10,000 No-Limit Hold ’em 77 $770,000 Joe McKeehen United States $200,200 Occasion # 4: $10,000 Big Wager Mix 48 $480,000 John Riordan USA $163,200 Event # 5: $10,000 No-Limit Hold ’em 85 $850,000 Joey Weissman USA $204,000 Occasion # 6: $10,000 8-Game 68 $680,000 Eli Elezra United States $183,600 Event # 7: $10,000 No-Limit Hold ’em 99 $990,000 David Peters USA $217,800 Occasion # 8: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 63 $630,000 Jared Bleznick USA $189,000 Occasion # 9: $10,000 No-Limit Hold ’em 99 $990,000 Ali Imsirovic Bosnia and also Herzegovina $217,800 Event # 10: $10,000 Short Deck 27 $270,000 David Peters USA $124,200 Event # 11: $25,000 No-Limit Hold ’em 69 $1,725,000 David Peters United States $465,750 Occasion # 12: $50,000 No-Limit Hold ’em 42 $2,100,000 Sean Winter USA $756,000 Total 837 $11,085,000

* Pictures thanks to Texas hold’em Central


  • 1 2021 UNITED STATE Poker Open Begins Thursday With First of 12 Occasions
  • 2 The USPO is Back: A Historical Consider PokerGO’s US Casino poker Open (USPO)
  • 3 Dan Shak Leads Star-Studded Final Table in UNITED STATE Casino Poker Open Occasion # 1: $10,000 NLHE
  • 4 Jake Daniels Wins the U.S. Online Poker Open Event # 1: $10,000 No Limitation Hold ’em ($218,500)
  • 5 PokerGO Point Standings Leading Into 2021 United States Poker Open; Imsirovic Leads
  • 6 Sam Soverel Wins USPO Occasion # 2: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha ($175,500)
  • 7 Joe McKeehen Wins USPO Event # 3: $10,000 No-Limit Hold ’em ($200,200)
  • 8 Chris Maker Transitions from Collegiate Runner to High-Stakes Online Poker Pro
  • 9 John Riordan Wins U.S. Texas Hold’em Open $10K Big Bet Mix ($163,200)
  • 10 Joey Weissman Mounts Comeback for the Ages to Win USPO Event # 5: $10K NLHE ($204,000)
  • 11 Eli Elezra Defeats Zolotow & & Negreanu to Win the USPO $10K 8-Game ($183,600)
  • 12 David Peters Wins Record-Breaking USPO Event # 7: $10,000 NLHE ($217,800)
  • 13 No Gamble, No Future: Jeff Platt & & Brent Hanks Chemistry Shines During USPO
  • 14 Jared Bleznick Wins USPO Event # 8: $10K PLO ($189,000)
  • 15 Brock Wilson Banks on Building a Name for Himself at the USPO
  • 16 Ali Imsirovic Catapults right into USPO Lead after Winning Occasion # 9: $10K NLHE ($217,800)
  • 17 Inside Jared Bleznick’s Bizarre “Sports Cards” Interview After USPO Success
  • 18 David Peters Wins $10K Brief Deck for his 2nd 2021 USPO Title ($124,200)
  • 19 David Peters Wins Third USPO Title in Five Days in the Event # 11: $25K NLHE ($465,750)
  • 20 Sean Winter Months Defeats Stephen Chidwick to Win USPO Occasion # 12: $50K NLHE ($756,000)

Ali Imsirovic Catapults into USPO Lead after Winning Event # 9: $10K NLHE ($217,800)

Info seputar SGP Hari Ini 2020 – 2021.

Ali Imsirovic

PokerGO Scenic tour Leaderboard captain Ali Imsirovic is currently also in addition to the U.S. Online poker Open Champion leaderboard after winning the U.S. Casino poker Open Event # 9:$10,000 No-Limit Hold ’em for $217,800 at the PokerGO Studio at the ARIA Hotel and Casino Site for his fourth cash money this festival. Imsirovic dealt with Andrew Lichtenberger heads-up as well as a legendary back-and-forth fight taken place with the winner assured the top area on the UNITED STATE Online Poker Open Champion, with Imsirovic eventually triumphing. Saturday’s triumph marks the sixth title for Ismirovic in PokerGO Excursion high-stakes gambler occasions this year alone, reaffirming his status as one of online poker’s leading event gamers.

The event itself attracted 99 entrances, linking a celebration document just established a few days back when David Peters finished in addition to an area of 99 access

to win Occasion # 7: $10,000 No-Limit Hold ’em for$217,800. U.S. Texas Hold’em Open Event # 9:$10,000 NLHE Final Table Payments Location Call

Country Reward 1 Ali Imsirovic Bosnia and also Herzegovina$217,800 2


Lichtenberger United States$158,400 3 Cary Katz United

States $118,800 4 Vanessa Kade Canada$94,050 5 Erik Seidel United

States$74,250 6

Thomas Winters United States$59,400 7 Jake Schindler United States$49,500 Occasion # 9 Final Table Recap Imsirovic got in the final

table with nearly half the contribute play as well as was miles ahead of his closest competitors in Vanessa Kade , Cary Katz, Erik Seidel, as well as Lichtenberger. Katz removed the short-stacked Thomas Winters(sixth-$59,400 )and also
Jake Schindler(seventh-$49,500)before likewise ousting eight-time WSOP arm band winner as well as Poker Hall
of Popularity member Seidel(5th

-$74,250)when his jacks won a flip against ace-queen. Kade found herself short on chipsprior to she was removed in 4th area for$ 94,050 on a rollercoaster of a hand. Lichtenberger jammed with ace-five and also was called by Kade with king-queen fit. Kade flopped leading set as well as discolored an empty on the turn before Lichtenberger hit his three-outer with an ace beginning the river to enhance to a far better pair than Kade. Lichtenberg held more than half the contribute play during three-handed action but heaps were fairly near also after Imsirovic eliminated a short-stacked Katz in third location for$118,800 when his queen-jack suited held against nine-trey fit. The lead bounced back as well as forth between the final two players before Imsirovic stormed in advance as well as Lichtenberger was all of a sudden entrusted a tiny stack of 7.5 huge blinds. Lichtenberger then obstructed king-jack. Imsirovic promptly thought about whether to play his jack-six before he made the call and

it appeared that Lichtenberger still had some fight left. Nevertheless, Imsirovic was chuckling after a 6 spiked the turn to give him a set and also Lichtenberger had to go for the healthy runner-up reward of$217,800 after he could not get a reduce the river. What is the United States Online Poker Open Up? Review everything about the excursion’s history here David

Peters Leads Final 4 in USPO Occasion # 10:$10,000 Brief Deck David Peters leads the last 4 in Occasion # 10 Event

# 7 champion David Peters remains in prime placement to come to be the first two-time victor during the 2021 U.S. Poker Open after bagging almost two-thirds of the contribute play in the UNITED STATE Texas Hold’em Open Event # 10:$10,000 Short Deck with a stack of 5,370,000 heading right into Sunday’s four-player last table. PokerGO as well as Texas hold’em Central founder Cary Katz and Imsirovic both progressed to the last four in the middle of the pack. Both players late signed up after podium surfaces in Occasion # 9 with Katz taking third area for $118,800 and Imsirovic winning the event for$217,800. The reasonably unknown Thomas Kysar Advanced but has his work cut out for him as he will enter with the fastest pile of 360,000. Occasion # 10: $10,000 Brief Deck Final Table Seat Attract Seat Name Nation Chip Count Large Blind Antes 1 Ali Imsirovic Bosnia and Herzegovina 1,060,000 71 2 David Peters USA 5,370,000 358 3 Cary Katz United States 1,310,000 87 4 Thomas Kysar USA 360,000 24 Last Table Payments Occasion # 10 brought in 27 entrances to create a$ 270,000 prize pool. All returning gamers are assured at least a$ 27,000 payment with the eventual victor slated to take house

the $124,200 leading prize. Location Reward 1$124,200 2$75,600 3

$43,200 4$

27,000 2021 U.S. Texas Hold’em Open Champion Standings

Imsirovic leads the 2021 USPO Leaderboard After winning Event # 9 for his 4th cash

this celebration, the 2018 Online Poker Masters Purple Jacket champion Imsirovic located himself

in a familiar spot as the leader of the 2021 U.S. Texas Hold’em Open Championship Standings. Occasion # 9 runner-up Lichtenberger catapulted into 2nd location on the leaderboard many thanks to three strong surfaces this event including a third-place efficiency in Occasion # 7. USPO Occasion # 3 champion

Joe McKeehen slid into third area with Steve Zolotow and also Event # 7 winner David Peters completing the leading 5 spots in the Champion Standings. Rank Gamer Factors Wins Cashes Incomes 1 Ali Imsirovic 406 1 4$406,400 2 Andrew Lichtenberger 308 0 3$308,000 3 Joe McKeehen 302 1 2$302,200 4 Steve Zolotow 289 0 3$289,000 5 David Peters 243 1 2$243,000 6 Dan Shak 236 0 3 $235,500 7 Maxx Coleman 231 0 3$230,800 8 Cary Katz 227 0 3$226,900 9 Alex Foxen 223 0 4$223,300 10

John Riordan 222 1 3$221,800 2021 UNITED STATE Texas Hold’em Open Results Event Entrances Reward Swimming pool Winner Nation Prize Event # 1:$10,000 No-Limit Hold ’em 95 $950,000 Jake Daniels USA$218,500 Occasion # 2:$10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 65$650,000 Sam Soverel United States$175,000 Occasion # 3:$10,000 No-Limit Hold ’em 77$770,000 Joe McKeehen United States$200,200 Event # 4:$10,000 Big Bet Mix 48$480,000 John Riordan USA$ 163,200 Occasion # 5:$ 10,000 No-Limit Hold ’em 85$850,000

Joey Weissman United States$ 204,000 Occasion # 6:$10,000 8-Game 68$680,000 Eli

United States$ 183,600 Event # 7 :$10,000
No-Limit Hold ’em 99 $990,000 David Peters United States

Occasion #

8:$ 10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 63$630,000 Jared Bleznick USA$189,000

Event #

9:$10,000 No-Limit Hold ’em 99$990,000 Ali Imsirovic Bosnia and Herzegovina$
217,800 * Pictures courtesy of Casino poker Central Sharelines 1 2021 UNITED STATE Online Poker Open Starts Thursday With First of 12 Occasions 2 The USPO

is Back

: A Historical Take a look at PokerGO’s US Casino Poker Open(USPO)3 Dan Shak Leads Star-Studded Final Table in U.S. Texas Hold’em Open

Event #

1:$10,000 NLHE 4 Jake Daniels Wins the UNITED STATE Poker Open
Event #

1:$10,000 No Limitation Hold ’em($218,500 ) 5 PokerGO
Point Standings Introducing 2021 US Texas Hold’em Open

; Imsirovic Leads 6 Sam

Soverel Wins USPO Event # 2:

$10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha ($175,500) 7 Joe McKeehen Wins USPO Event # 3

:$10,000 No-Limit

Hold ’em($ 200,200 )8 Chris Brewer Transitions from Collegiate Runner to High-Stakes Texas Hold’em Pro 9 John Riordan Wins U.S. Online Poker Open$10K Big Wager Mix
($ 163,200 )10 Joey Weissman Mounts Comeback for the Ages

to Win USPO Event # 5

:$10K NLHE($204,000
)11 Eli Elezra Defeats Zolotow & Negreanu to Win the USPO$10K 8-Game($183,600) 12 David Peters

Wins Record-Breaking USPO Event # 7
: $10,000 NLHE ($217,800)13 No Wager, No Future

: Jeff Platt & Brent Hanks Chemistry Shines Throughout USPO 14 Jared Bleznick

Wins USPO Occasion # 8:$ 10K PLO($ 189,000 )15 Brock Wilson Banks on Building a Name for Himself at the USPO

16 Ali Imsirovic Catapults

into USPO Lead after Winning Occasion # 9:

$10K NLHE ($217,800)

Brock Wilson Banks on Building a Name for Himself at the USPO

Bonus harian di Keluaran SDY 2020 – 2021.

Brock Wilson

Brock Wilson might have done anything after graduating college, but he didn’t select texas hold’em as soon as possible. Despite winning at the video game from the beginning, Wilson’s unpreventable life as a high-stakes poker gamer was briefly postponed by an equally appealing job in financing. Prior to his arrival on the high-stakes gambler scene, Wilson was a scholastic all-star at Fordham College in New York City, spending all four of his years on the Dean’s List and also finishing with an enhanced degree in mathematics as well as financing. After college he helped two years as an analyst in the financial sector, developing his money and also his skillset before finally taking the leap into online poker full-time.

He presently sits in fifth on the PokerGO Scenic tour leaderboard after a remarkable collection of six final table coatings so far. Wilson goes to the USPO today in search of his initial win on trip.

What is the US Poker Open? Read everything about the excursion’s history below

Finding a Life in Texas hold’em

Wilson’s trip to high-stakes texas hold’em started as a teenager, winning at the game from a very early age.

“I’ve been playing poker given that I was in senior high school,” he told PokerNews. “I would certainly do very well against my secondary school close friends, so I ‘d take some money and placed it online. I got to college as well as began a college video game and also I did rather well.”

Grinding casino poker as well as doing well at it was fun, yet the relocation into playing properly had not been an instant choice after ending up institution. Wilson instead went to function as an analyst for a major bank. “I was constantly delighting in online poker, but I was really significant regarding school as well as majoring in financing. I enjoyed that as well as all my good friends remained in money, to ensure that was the goal and also trajectory for me. I was constantly playing online poker on Sundays with my pals.”

Despite a bright future in financial, Wilson continued to take a serious strategy to texas hold’em while functioning. He would certainly continue to examine and play while grinding away at his initial real-world task.

“I was working in financing as well as I would certainly always take two weeks of trip to play the World Collection of Texas Hold’em in Las vega. Financing was working out but I constantly seemed like I wished to go for my imagine having fun. I had actually constructed a little bit of a bankroll playing online, so I determined I was going to take a threat while I was young and also really did not have major financial obligations. I stopped my job 2 years out of institution in 2018.”

Brock Wilson
Brock Wilson Playing Professionally One of the stimulants for Wilson’s option to play skillfully was the connection he developed with high-stakes player Ali Imsirovic.

“I fulfilled Ali online and we would play online together. He began doing well as well as we would talk a lot of technique.” Wilson and Imsirovic had actually come to be buddies through a shared colleague online, bonding over their ideas on game concept and also technique. When Wilson left his job, Imsirovic was currently making a name for himself. “Ali was already beginning to emerge on the high-stakes gamblers. I was taking a trip to all the different places. I mosted likely to every various quit there was. I was so focused on researching and enhancing.”

Wilson is open concerning his early struggles at higher risks. “I played my first $25,000 competition in late 2018 as well as didn’t cash, and after that I played a couple of other high roller tournaments in early 2019 and really did not cash in those either.” But the hard work yielded lead to no time as well as Wilson ended 2019 on a red hot run.

“Eventually in late 2019 I had a run of a couple of various big ones, which really assisted with my confidence.”

He won over $1 million in events over just November and also December of that year, including a win at the Bicycle Casino High-stakes Gambler Collection as well as two substantial chops in $25,000 buy-in competitions at the WPT Seminole Rock and Roll Texas Hold’em Open in Florida as well as the partypoker MANY MILLIONS Super Money player in the Bahamas.

“Eventually in late 2019 I had a run of a few different large ones, and that truly aided with my self-confidence,” he claimed. “You can seem like you’re doing a lot of points right, yet when you construct an economic padding you seem like you can brick a couple of events as well as feel much less pressure.”

High-Stakes Poker Throughout COVID-19

Every little thing was going according to prepare for Wilson when COVID-19 interrupted the globe, yet he was prepared to make the adjustment.

“I was always doing well online as well as at the beginning of quarantine, a lot of gamers that didn’t generally play online were mosting likely to be there. I most likely played 6 days a week, 12-15 hrs a day for the first two months. I would certainly play everyday in various competitions and also I seem like I obtained a whole lot far better.”

Quarantine really did not slow down Wilson’s relocate to Las vega in mid-2020, and when online casino poker came back he was ready.

“As quickly as I was permitted to play online I was back,” he stated.

His scholastic technique to casino poker enabled him to capitalize on the examining that he did during the closure. “I think I boosted a great deal at ICM online. When you play a lot of live events with big fields, you don’t get to the final table that a lot. When you play a great deal of online texas hold’em you have a great deal extra competitions where you reach the last table.”

Brock Wilson
Brock Wilson

Getting the Most from Success Despite his preliminary success, Wilson sees a great deal to enhance as he obtains more exposure at higher stakes.

“For me, one of the most significant points that I’ve constantly struggled with is my expressiveness and also live informs,” he confessed. “I am conscious that I could be emitting real-time informs, particularly in these fields.”

He additionally recognizes the problem of betting several of the very best players on the planet in high-stakes gambler events: “You don’t obtain as several free chip opportunities. You have to defend the pot a whole lot harder in each and every single area. Players don’t just fold a lot. They will certainly safeguard their big blind so you can not simply elevate and take it. When you check-raise the flop, they will certainly float you as well as they will not surrender. Every spot feels like players are simply making it tougher for you to win the hand and also every hand is tougher to win. Everybody is a little bit more researched.”

Wilson’s aspirations in texas hold’em are basic. He wants to linger as well as play well, as well as attempt to improve every day.

“My goal is to remain to do well sufficient to play. I actually appreciate my life today. In terms of cash, I ‘d like to simply keep winning and also succeeding, except the benefit of getting very abundant, however if you can make suitable money doing something you appreciate you ought to maintain doing it. If I’m appreciating myself but I am losing, I can’t truly warrant doing it.”

He wrapped up: “My goal is to continue to improve as well as play in bigger risks tournaments. I do not wish to say that I do not wish to be top, however it’s not like I’m gunning to be number one. I just want to be amongst the most effective players as well as attempt to always get better. I want to win some things as well as make a practical amount that lets me continue to do this and also not need to think about doing anything else.”

For extra on Brock Wilson, follow him on Twitter @BWilson9999.

Keep in mind, a yearly registration to PokerGO costs $99.99, but you can save $20 off by utilizing coupon code “USPO21” at checkout. Subscribe by going below.

* Images courtesy of PokerGO.


  • 1 2021 UNITED STATE Online Poker Open Begins Thursday With First of 12 Events
  • 2 The USPO is Back: A Historical Consider PokerGO’s US Casino poker Open (USPO)
  • 3 Dan Shak Leads Star-Studded Final Table in UNITED STATE Casino Poker Open Event # 1: $10,000 NLHE
  • 4 Jake Daniels Wins the U.S. Casino Poker Open Occasion # 1: $10,000 No Limit Hold ’em ($218,500)
  • 5 PokerGO Point Standings Introducing 2021 US Online Poker Open; Imsirovic Leads
  • 6 Sam Soverel Wins USPO Occasion # 2: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha ($175,500)
  • 7 Joe McKeehen Wins USPO Occasion # 3: $10,000 No-Limit Hold ’em ($200,200)
  • 8 Chris Maker Transitions from Collegiate Jogger to High-Stakes Online Poker Pro
  • 9 John Riordan Wins UNITED STATE Texas Hold’em Open $10K Big Bet Mix ($163,200)
  • 10 Joey Weissman Mounts Return for the Ages to Win USPO Occasion # 5: $10K NLHE ($204,000)
  • 11 Eli Elezra Beats Zolotow & & Negreanu to Win the USPO $10K 8-Game ($183,600)
  • 12 David Peters Wins Record-Breaking USPO Occasion # 7: $10,000 NLHE ($217,800)
  • 13 No Gamble, No Future: Jeff Platt & & Brent Hanks Chemistry Shines During USPO
  • 14 Jared Bleznick Wins USPO Occasion # 8: $10K PLO ($189,000)
  • 15 Brock Wilson Rely On Structure a Name for Himself at the USPO

Where Are They Now: Ramzi Jelassi Exploring the Globe of Start-Ups

Jackpot hari ini Result SGP 2020 – 2021.

Ramzi Jelassi had a successful poker career.

Editor’s Note: Approaching my final day helping PokerNews as I prepare to change out of the online poker industry, I was clearing out some old documents on my computer system that I figured I no more needed. Among them was a meeting I did near the

end of the 2019 Globe Series of Casino poker with previous European Casino poker Scenic tour champ Ramzi Jelassi. Jelassi had actually resurfaced with a few money at the WSOP after years away from the game. He loaded me in on what he ‘d depended on in the interfering years and also what he had actually intended going forward. It appears I ‘d never ever gotten around to writing the piece as I lacked time at the WSOP when I obtained overloaded with online insurance coverage in the Main Occasion. Adhering to that, I took some trip time and after that obtained busy with the Mike Postle legend as well as various other tales prior to the pandemic that turned every person’s world upside-down.

While the meeting is certainly dated, I assume it’s still of some passion, so I create a final access in the “Where Are They Now” collection.

At the end of 2012, Ramzi Jelassi seemed at the peak of what can have potentially been a rewarding career as a star poker gamer. He would certainly just won European Texas hold’em Tour Prague Centerpiece for EUR835,000– simply under $1.1 million at the time– after four straight years of six numbers in cash money, according to The Hendon Crowd.

Dozens of his fellow Swedes had controlled at the felt for many years, taking the online poker globe by storm with their signature ua-aggressive styles, as well as it looked most likely Jelassi would certainly be the next in line.

A few months later on, in the middle of what looked like another effective year with even more than $200K in cashes prior to the end of June, he quickly disappeared from the tables. He didn’t tape a solitary cash for nearly precisely six years.

His name resurfaced on a few listings of payments and chip counts at the 2019 WSOP. He accepted consult with PokerNews for a meeting outside ARIA as the WSOP was winding towards its conclusion in July.

“I didn’t play also one single hand of online poker for more than five years,” he verified. “Not also like a residence game or anything.”

The seeds of Jelassi’s exit were grown the really day he secured that life-changing rating.

Taking the Money as well as Operating

While Jelassi appreciated his time as a poker pro, by the time that fateful EPT Prague happened, he would certainly already been in the ready more than eight years, regardless of being just 28 at the time.

That’s a respectable portion of time grinding in any occupation, especially one as demanding as online poker. Even before the large score, he located himself tiring of playing cards for money, explaining himself as “a growing number of burnt out of it.”

“When you play for as long, it’s like any kind of job,” he stated. “It causes inertia after awhile. You do not have another thing that’s much better to head to so you simply keep undergoing the motions.”

He was considering going back to college for a level. Ideas of his leave technique swirled in his head, and the EPT Prague rating came at an attractive time, offering him the economic safety and security to make the leap.

“I had in the back of my mind that I wanted to go out. However I was playing truly great and I was having scores. When I won EPT Prague, I had the feeling that it was the perfect timing.

“I think I even stated, the very first words that came out of my mouth in the victor’s meeting, ‘Oh nice, now I can lastly stop.’ That resembled the very first words I actually claimed, so it made a great deal of sense to me. I had the huge score as well as in the back of my mind wanted to quit, so OKAY, take the money and run, you know?”

A few months and also a couple of even more scores later on– he most especially took 4th for an additional $90K at the Hollywood Online Poker Open Main Event in Las Vegas– he walked away.

Ramzi Jelassi
Jelassi hit a substantial rating and also walked away. Checking out the World of Start-Ups Jelassi confessed he didn’t have much of a strategy. What he did have was cash, so he really did not need to make any rash decisions. He claimed he took a couple of months to review points over, considering whether he intended to hop right into the work force or get an education. He chose the last and also began researching toward a level, focusing on both business economics and also psychology at an institution in Stockholm, his listed hometown on Hendon. He wound up earning a bachelor’s degree in the last , though he said he was close to a business economics degree as well by the time he finished. He requested jobs, an unusual sensation considering he”never worked in [his] whole life. “Jelassi ended up obtaining hired by a”actually little “startup. As befits a startup, he had to be flexible.” It resembles a brand-new game to

me so it’s rather fun.””We required a person in sales, so it was

like ‘OK, I’m a sales guy now,'” he stated.” It was perfect for me due to the fact that I reached function really near the creators, watch them a whole lot, as well as discover a lot regarding beginning a service.”

He appreciated his time at the start-up, however after a year, Jelassi bowed out that as well towards completion of 2018. He really felt ready to venture out and also begin his own firm, which he began servicing in 2019.

Still based in Stockholm and turning up on his 33rd birthday at the time of the interview, Jelassi proclaimed strategies to develop a firm that assisted in on-line connections to psycho therapists who can help people using video clip as well as conversation.

“This is the very first business I’m starting so I’m attempting to pay attention to other individuals who have actually done it before as well as not be egotistic,” he said. “It’s like a brand-new video game to me so it’s fairly fun.”

It appears those strategies have concerned fulfillment. A fast glimpse via Jelassi’s Twitter feed reveals him stymiing for designers for Hullabaloo Psykolog (“Your Psychologist”), a growing company that was currently accepting paying clients in 2014.

Excellent Memories from a Complete Career

Jelassi pointed out that it’s difficult for lots of casino poker players to make the jump to another thing, specifically when they’re still having some success.

He had it simpler than the majority of as he said he’s always seeking a new challenge. So serene was he with his choice that he claimed never really felt attracted to return to the game in any way. Except one tournament and even one hand. The Las vega trip in 2019 came as part of what he called a trip.

“To be truthful, I’m not near comparable to I utilized to be.”

Poker-wise, he really did not completely fire out as he scheduled 3 squander of five tournaments for about $7,500. The experience gave him a raw pointer that the video game develops promptly. Even though he felt he still had a side, he left the scores practical regarding the state of his abilities.

“To be sincere, I’m not near as good as I made use of to be,” Jelassi confessed. “So, in some scenarios, I do not recognize what to do. That like, truly makes me not wish to play. For me, it’s better to play smaller sized competitions since if I make any type of errors, it’s for small cash. I do not want to play an EPT and enter a situation for hundreds of hundreds of dollars and I do not understand what to do.”

Still, he admitted a little bit of the old trigger obtained relit. Not due to the casino poker itself, though he stated he enjoyed, however mostly since he delighted in seeing some of the old good friends he ‘d made across years in the game. Case in factor: Joseph Cheong briefly disturbed the interview. The two players welcomed each various other comfortably and Cheong asked what Jelassi had depended on.

“It’s enjoyable to be back below,” Jelassi claimed after Cheong left. “It’s a great deal of old guys that I used to be buddies with. I get some memories back of individuals that I ignored, all these good memories from my online poker profession.”

He knows way too much nostalgia from his old life can be hazardous, however, a diversion from his current mission. While he did leave open the opportunity of playing some small tournaments, he stated he would not expect to discover himself at the really felt a lot in any way in the future.

“I want to leave it once again so I focus on the ideal stuff.”


Harlen Miller Wins MSPT Venetian $1,100 Main Event ($367,801)

Bonus harian di Keluaran HK 2020 – 2021.

Harlen Miller

The Mid-Stakes Online Poker Scenic Tour (MSPT )Venetian $1,100 Centerpiece drew 2,790 entries over four starting days, leading to a$ 2,692,350 prize swimming pool. After nearly a week of poker, it was 63-year-old Harlen Miller of Bismarck, North Dakota who emerged triumphant to take down the title as well as$367,801 grand prize. Miller declares to have only started playing texas hold’em a few years ago. Since then, he had actually handled to acquire virtually $200,000 in live-career profits before the MSPT success, which included a $75k rating from a Venetian Deepstack Elder Occasion in 2018.

“I avoided my niece’s wedding event to come play this event,” Miller stated. “I just sensed. A minimum of currently I can obtain her a far better wedding event present.”

Miller, that likewise claimed his birthday was recently, currently has a weighty six-figure rating to his name in addition to an MSPT Venetian trophy to assist celebrate any kind of event.

MSPT Venetian $1,100 Centerpiece Final Table Results

Place Player Reward MSPT POY Information
1 Harlen Miller $367,801 2,000
2 Ryan Dodd $236,927 1,800
3 Albert Knafo $177,695 1,700
4 Matthew Elsby $140,002 1,600
5 Jonathan Tamayo $107,694 1,500
6 Band Tran $86,166 1,400
7 Bobby Noel $67,309 1,300
8 Jimmy Lujan $50,885 1,200
9 Aaron Massey $40,385 1,100

Day 2 began with a lot of notables amongst the 396 hopefuls seeking to make a deep run in the event. Joe Cada as well as Faraz Jaka were amongst those that fell short of the cash, with Nick Pupillo being the one to rupture the money bubble not long after play began. The field continued to decrease at a rapid price and among those to money were Shannon Shorr, Mike Dentale, Nadya Magnus, Mike Shin, Michael Rocco, and also Catherine Dever— who was the last woman standing in the event.

Day 3 began with simply 15 players still in opinion as well as trimmed to a last table quickly after the 2nd degree of the day. Aaron Massey was the first to fall after getting all in preflop with queens as well as losing to the ace-queen of Jimmy Lujan. Lujan, who led the final eight in chips, wound up being the following one out after encountering Ryan Dodd on a couple of various occasions and also shedding each time.

MSPT Venetian $1,100 Final Table

Bobby Noel, Thong Tran, and also Jonathan Tamayo were all short-stacked heading into the last table as well as were eliminated in rapid sequence not long after.

Matthew Elsby was knocked senseless after flopping a set as well as shedding to a runner-runner right of Albert Knafo.

Knafo, that began the day with the chip lead, couldn’t hang on as well as was eliminated in third place by a runner-runner right after obtaining all-in preflop with queens against the pocket tens of Dodd.

Heads-up play began with Dodd having a large chip advantage over Miller. After doubling via Dodd on two different all-in preflop celebrations, Miller discovered himself overtaking the chip lead.

Miller got the job done after obtaining done in preflop with queens and holding up versus Dodd’s ace-jack to pull off the unlikely comeback.

The MSPT proceeds later this week with a MSPT Venetian $1,600 Main Event ($2 Million GTD). For more information, go here. PokerNews will be on-site to continue to bring you MSPT activity, so make sure to check back then.


  • Harlen Miller topped a 2,790-entry area to win @msptpoker @venetianpoker $1,100 Centerpiece for $367K

“Ckfather” Ships the 888poker XL Spring Series 6-Max ($8,372)

Promo menarik pada undian Data SGP 2020 – 2021.

XL Spring Series at 888poker

Short-handed poker enthusiasts were in for a treat on Saturday, June 5 as it was 6-Max day in the $1 million guaranteed XL Spring Series at 888poker.

Russia’s “Ckfather” was the biggest winner of the day after shipping the XL Spring #20 – $30,000 6-Max for $8,372, while “COMINGEASY” and Vadym “vaduwka” Khabarov also won XL Spring Series titles on Saturday.

Check out the results from the seventh day of the XL Spring Series at 888poker.

Play in the XL Spring Series at 888poker!

Satellites to the XL Spring Series now running at 888poker

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XL Spring #20 – $30,000 6-Max

Buy-in Date Entries Prize pool
$109 June 5 364 $36,400

The XL Spring #20 – $30,000 6-Max attracted 643 entries for a $32,150 prize pool to smash the $30,000 guarantee.

After more than eight hours of play, Russia’s “Ckfather” defeated Soraya Estrada “railerita” Gonzalez (second – $5,824) in heads-up play to win the title which came with a huge $8,372 top prize.

Romania’s “IonelSimion” was also on the podium after finishing in third place for $4,368 while “ESARJE87” (fourth – $2,912), “drPokermarv” (fifth – $2,184), and “mywifesT7i” (sixth – $1,492) also managed to add four-figures to their 888poker account at the final table in this event.

XL Spring #20 – $30,000 6-Max Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Ckfather $8,372
2 Soraya Estrada “railerita” Gonzalez $5,824
3 IonelSimion $4,368
4 ESARJE87 $2,912
5 drPokermarv $2,184
6 mywifesT7i $1,492

XL Spring #21 – $15,000 Mini 6-Max

Buy-in Date Entries Prize pool
$16.50 June 5 1,094 $16,410

The XL Spring #21 – $15,000 Mini 6-Max also crushed its guarantee of $15,000 after 1,094 entries generated a $16,410 prize pool.

United Kingdom’s “COMINGEASY” made things like easy as they skated their way to victory in this event for $2,954 after defeating Romania’s “Lucian2211” (second – $2,215) in heads-up play.

Russia’s Anton “toshapiter86” Vinokurov (third – $1,641) and Brazil’s Tiago “TTigela” Tigela (fourth – $1,149) also banked four-figure scores in this event.

XL Spring #21 – $15,000 Mini 6-Max Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
2 Lucian2211 $2,215
3 Anton “toshapiter86” Vinokurov $1,641
4 Tiago “TTigela” Tigela $1,149
5 sash2016ura $821
6 mongol75 $492

XL Spring #22 – $15,000 Late 6-Max

Buy-in Date Entries Prize pool
$55 June 5 309 $15,450

Ukraine’s Vadym “vaduwka” Khabarov shipped the XL Spring #21 – $15,000 Mini 6-Max for $3,554 after sending “sjollema22” to the rail in second-place for $2,472.

Sweden’s “Ilikepugs” (third – $1,854) and “vedat01” (fourth – $1,236) also added four-figures to their 888poker accounts after deep finishes at the final table.

The event itself squeezed past its $15,000 guarantee with 309 entries creating a $15,450 prize pool.

XL Spring #21 – $15,000 Mini 6-Max Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Vadym “vaduwka” Khabarov $3,554
2 sjollema22 $2,472
3 Ilikepugs $1,854
4 vedat01 $1,236
5 cankiller15 $927
6 brunocasadei $633

[embedded content]

2021 888poker XL Spring Schedule

Date Time (GMT) Event Buy-in Guarantee
May 30 6 p.m. XL Spring #1 – $50,000 Opening Event $55 $50,000
  6 p.m. XL Spring #2 – $25,000 Mini Opening $16.50 $25,000
  6:30 p.m. XL Spring #3 – $10,000 Micro Opening $5.50 $10,000
  8 p.m. XL Spring #4 – $15,000 Late Opening $33 $15,000
May 31 6 p.m. XL Spring #5 – $20,000 R&A Event $33 $20,000
  6 p.m. XL Spring #6 – $8,000 Mini R&A $5.50 $8,000
  8 p.m. XL Spring #7 – $8,000 Late R&A $11 $8,000
June 1 6 p.m. XL Spring #8 – $50,000 High Roller $320 $50,000
  6 p.m. XL Spring #9 – $25,000 Mini High Roller $55 $25,000
  8 p.m. XL Spring #10 – $20,000 Late High Roller $109 $20,000
June 2 6 p.m. XL Spring #11 – $30,000 PKO $109 $30,000
  6 p.m. XL Spring #12 – $15,000 Mini PKO $16.50 $15,000
  8 p.m. XL Spring #13 – $10,000 Late PKO $33 $10,000
June 3 6 p.m. XL Spring #14 – $40,000 PKO 8-Max $160 $40,000
  6 p.m. XL Spring #15 – $15,000 Mini PKO 8-Max $22 $15,000
  8 p.m. XL Spring #16 – $15,000 Late PKO 8-Max $55 $15,000
June 4 5 p.m. XL Spring #17 – $30,000 DeepStack $55 $30,000
  5 p.m. XL Spring #18 – $15,000 Mini DeepStack $16.50 $15,000
  7 p.m. XL Spring #19 – $10,000 Late DeepStack $33 $10,000
June 5 6 p.m. XL Spring #20 – $30,000 6-Max $109 $30,000
  6 p.m. XL Spring #21 – $15,000 Mini 6-Max $16.50 $15,000
  8 p.m. XL Spring #22 – $15,000 Late 6-Max $55 $15,000
June 6 5 p.m. XL Spring #23 – $500,000 Main Event $250 $500,000
  5:30 p.m. XL Spring #24 – $50,000 Mini Main Event $33 $50,000
  6 p.m. XL Spring #25 – $15,000 Micro Main Event $5.50 $15,000

Claim Your $888 Welcome Bonus Today

Head to 888poker between May 30 to June 6 if you want to get your teeth into the XL Spring events.

If you don’t have an account simply download 888poker through PokerNews and you will be awarded an $88 bonus (£20 in the UK) without making a deposit.

Once you are ready to make your first deposit, it will be matched in the form of a bonus of up to $888, or more than twice as much advertised on the site.


  • “Ckfather”, “COMINGEASY”, and Vadym “vaduwka” Khabarov won XL Spring Series titles at 888poker on Saturday, June 5.