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Cantu fired shots at Daniel Negreanu.

There’s possibly no more pure test of poker ability than heads-up play. Wide variety and also a solitary opponent produce

the inmost, most decision-intensive form of the video game. It’s no surprise almost every player at the top degree anticipates to prevail when playing heads up. That makes it all the more humbling as well as, at times, irritating when it doesn’t take place. Two times as so when it occurs time after time, on the largest stages possible.

That’s the situation in which Daniel Negreanu locates himself after fellow legend of the game Phil Hellmuth handed him one more defeat in their series of suits on “High Risks Duel”on PokerGO. Not only has Hellmuth now defeated him twice, consisting of once by means of an amazing resurgence, yet it’s the continuation of an ignominious skid of heads-up losses going back 8 years, as DK Lappin described for VegasSlotsOnline.

Adding to the sting, one of the most current 2 collections of losses– this set as well as the one to longtime rival Doug Polk– followed some high-profile trash talk.

Negreanu Opens Up

Every one of that left Negreanu really feeling reflective adequate to share his thoughts in a lengthy Twitter string.

He admitted he’s been really feeling the heat from the general public as the losses have actually mounted, an irritating follow-up to arise from sample sizes of a couple of hundred hands. He protected himself a bit by explaining he had leads a lot of the method both suits before greater blinds compelled higher-variance play. He attributed Hellmuth for solid play in their 2nd suit and also said that eventually he’s anticipating the third round as well as satisfied he still has a possibility to win it all back and afterwards some.

Ultimately, he closed with some words for his doubters.

Cantu’s Takes His Shots

Among those doubters was longtime buddy of Hellmuth’s, Brandon Cantu. Cantu packed up the cannon and did not hold back when he blasted Negreanu in a series of tweets. He called Negreanu’s play “awful” and said a 3rd loss to Hellmuth would verify he just isn’t excellent playing direct.

Negreanu, for his part, responded that he’s laying 3-to-2 on the last match as he has throughout, and also he’s willing to book “as long as you can borrow.”

Cantu responded that nobody can even take Negreanu’s heads-up video game seriously at this point as well as it was “unpleasant to see.”

Trash Talk Obtains Personal

Negreanu continued requesting Cantu put up some money for a wager, as well as after Cantu published a screenshot of Negreanu’s direct messages insulting him, points got back at a lot more heated as well as personal as the long time pros’ trash talk intensified.

? Cantu maintained needling, informing Negreanu his new nickname would certainly be”bridesmaid,”but he really did not appear also curious about betting on the third match in between Negreanu and also Hellmuth. He said he was ready”wrangle up some huge, big, large cash

“for his own very own with Negreanu, saying stating ‘d play a best-of-7 series under the same structure framework”High Stakes RisksBattle” From there, the ranting got a bit unhinged and tough to comply with. Cantu appeared to state he was willing to play

for Negreanu’s net worth, hinting that he had backers with endless funds.

Here’s where it’s gets great.